Earlier this week I posted about Carla Hackett's collaboration the ladies of letters.

Carla has amazing lettering and illustration skills and is also super generous with her knowledge hosting regular workshops to encourage others to develop there own skills in mastering type by hand. Early next year Carla is teaming up with Barbara Enright over two weekends Saturday 31st January & Sunday 1st February 2015 and Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February 2015. There are only 8 spots per class so as to get lots of one-on-one time.

  • You’ll learn the basic strokes needed to gain control of the brushes to create various letter widths as well as working with the paint consistency and flow.
  • Learn about brush types: round, square and pointed; and which are suited to the different lettering styles such as Casual and Script.
  • See inspiring demonstrations.
  • Learn to hold and manipulate the various brush sizes.
  • Develop your own individuality when lettering with a brush.
  • Through lots of practice time painting alphabets and completing set exercises, you'll put your strokes into practice and explore highlighting, shading and decorating.
  • Experimenting with brush markers to create expressive lettering.

More details on Carla's site here.