I was very honored to have the journal in such excellent company in this post by Designer, Writer, Lecturer Nigel Ball

"Smaller in scale than the previous publications mentioned here, it has a pocketable quality that belies its depth of discussion and questioning... Phillips is an Australian designer who certainly understands how to create a visually rich and consuming document. In her own words she states: “I believe rigour and critical design thinking is important. As is a great outcome. But no more so than the design discovery and creative play that happens in the middle”. As an outcome, Typograph.journal is both thoughtful and inspirational in its content and production, but equally impressive due to the proud authorship Phillips demonstrates—she is a doer and has made this happen"

Thank you Nigel (not only for the praise and cheerleading) but also for the insight to the other typographic publications you have featured - I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on a copy and indulging in Monotypes' The Recorder and Typographic Circles' Circular 18!