There is a great article By W.H Chong over on Writers Bloc about book design. W.H. Chong was inducted into the Australian Book Designers Hall of Fame in 2013. In this article Chong encourages us all to judge books by there covers and discusses, branding, culture, scale and art in the article, which also includes one of my favorite topics in publishing iconography the penguin cover series.

When is a cover not a cover? When it’s a brand: When the Popular Penguins strutted on to the crowded shelves in 2008, an orange tide swept the bookshops. It was the invention of Peter Blake, Sales Director of Penguin Australia, who said: 

“If you’re standing looking at those books you know subconsciously or by implication that all of these books are going to be OK … you think, ‘It’s part of the collection, I trust the brand and it’s surrounded by all these other classics.’”

It’s breathtakingly brilliant; it bleeds the idea of Classics into contemporary writing...