A print publication in a digital age?
Print is experiencing a renaissance. Electronic media has not replaced but rather redefined the printed page.

Nothing beats the tactility of a printed object or the experience of turning a page. It was really important to me that journal was a printed document rather than an exclusively online publication. While I recognise the digital environment is a pretty amazing place I wanted the journal to have presence, be lasting and be tangible. It also became apparent while sourcing paper samples and getting dummies made of the journal that I have become somewhat of a paper snob! Thankfully K.W. Doggett assisted in finding the right paper that meet all my criteria. Volume 01 of the Typograph.Journal is printed on 140gsm Grange Stock. Grange is a white paper with a velvety tooth and great opacity. Its Australian made (with pulp sourced from PEFC Forestry in Tasmania) It has excellent environmental credentials and its guaranteed for laser and offset (although I found it worked quite well without impression for letterpress too).

I felt it was important the Typograph.journal was printed on uncoated paper as I hope it will be a prompt for design thinking and process. So I encourage you to highlight, annotate, to scribble notes of conjecture, and start your own explorations right on the journal pages.