In several of my recent publications and presentations I have discussed my tendency to personify type. Caslon the wealthy estate owner in tweed sits on his chesterfield smoking a pipe and admiring the hounds. Bodoni the milan runway model starving herself to ensure her hairline strokes are slim enough to contrast perfectly with the bold new seasons fashion collections.

I believe through type selection we imbue personality and meaning to text. So I was engrossed in this article on Fast Company this evening (so much so that I felt compelled to switch the computer on at 12.47 am and write this post!)

“It's not news that typefaces have distinct personalities. But until recently, the implications have been poorly understood. The latest evidence suggests that typefaces convey their own meanings and elicit their own emotions independent of the words they spell out. That distinction is critical. From a design standpoint, that means matching typeface personality with message personality becomes far more important, and potentially far more challenging."

Eric Jaffe