Rafael Serra (aka FAEL) is a Portuguese graphic and type designer who draws inspiration from the portuguese cultural and heritage.

While binging on Behance I discovered his 'são outros quinhentos' project (which I loved!) so I reached out to FAEL to ask him to share a little about the project.

What is são outros quinhentos?

This is a self initiated project made with passion for typography. The aim is to regularly share unique and previously unpublished letters as 500 by 500 pixels. It is one of my favorite projects. It's a stock of unused types that I've done for other works. Other letters are simply taken from my sketch book.

Why did you choose 500px x 500px?

I choose the format based on a Portuguese saying "são outros quinhentos" which means "other thing" in English. This work is a recycling of 'other things' I have done for different projects. "Quinhentos" means five hundred in Portuguese. Together they are 'five hundred more'.

How frequently do you make the letters?

It varies - sometimes I can take weeks not designing anything typographic... and then I will have a really productive week and create lots of letterforms.

Which tools do you use? (Do they ever start with a sketch or do you start in the computer… and what software application did you use?)

Most of my type work starts in my sketchbook. I then use some simple tools like Illustrator to vector and Glyphs is used to shape the details of typography. (Typographers as you may know can be perfectionists so Glyphs is great to refine the forms)!

You can check out the full 500px series via FAEL's facebook page here