Fontsmith are calling their latest type release 'An Audacious Undertaking' and I completely agree!

I love Garaldes (Old Style Serifs). While I try not to play favourites (and have many 'love affairs' with different typefaces) Bembo is one of the fonts I use most often - particularly in my book design work - as I think it is such an elegant face and a delight to read... So as an admirer of the genre I was very excited to read about the newly released FS Brabo designed by Fernando Mello.

Font Smith quotes "FS Brabo is not a revival, but a very much a contemporary, personal interpretation of a garalde – a class of typeface originating in the 16th century that includes Bembo, Garamond and Plantin, with characteristically rounded serifs and moderate contrast between strokes. Brabo’s ‘ct’ and ‘st’ ligatures, upper-case italic swashes and contextual ending ligatures – ‘as’, ‘is’, ‘us’ – all preserve the beauty and character of traditional typefaces, but its serifs are chunkier than a garalde. Their sharp cuts and squared edges give them a crispness at text sizes, helping to bring a beautifully bookish personality to hardworking modern applications."

As well as the beautiful letterforms in FS Brabo I am equally excited about it's Type Specimen by The Counter press (as featured in volume 01 of TypographJournal). I am a massive fan of the work this talented duo (David and Elizabeth) do - and the FS Brabo Specimen is no exception!

"The typeface itself was inspired by the extraordinary archive of punches, type and books at the world-renowned Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, so we based the specimen on an equally historic Belgian paper size. Taking its cue from the font’s letterpress leanings, the large newspaper format incorporates a number of different typographic formats, including book title page, chapter openings, a play manuscript, and an editorial piece: the perfect way to show a typeface intended primarily for books, magazines and newspapers. And having been named after the mythical hero of the city of Antwerp, what better story to tell than the myth itself – beautifully written for us by Michael Evamy – as the centrepiece of the specimen."

Check out the production of the limited edition letterpress poster which accompanies the Offset Litho printed spec below.

A story, a play, an article, a newspaper, a type specimen. Introducing FS Brabo.  The eloquent type .

A story, a play, an article, a newspaper, a type specimen. Introducing FS Brabo. The eloquent type.