The Typefaces developed as part of this years TypeMedia Masters have just been released online. Unsurprisingly the calibre of the type is outstanding. Check out the faces and read more about the most recent graduates here.

I started to right a round up of the faces and they are all so great it was difficult to narrow! But I am a total sucker for typefaces with unconventional weight distribution so I was really drawn to Cristian Vargas's face Salvaje... (silvāticus “wild”; literally, “of the woods”). A curvaceous reverse stressed face with four styles, (two display and two text). The inspiration is drawn from from the “Birds of Paradise” appearance because they evolved in a more visual way; with big feathers, bright colors and extreme shape transformation.

Similarly Ligan by Tilmann Hielscher is a serif family, consisting of a Roman, an Italic and a heavy display style. It features a top-heavy weight distribution. Although the terms heaviness and weight may be misleading — as Ligan’s soft letters look more like being inflated with bit too much helium, giving a balloonish, whimsical appearance.
The hefty display style is best used for all that needs to be said big and loud. It’s reminiscent of a signpainters’ brush lettering — written with a lot of paint, making thick, bubbly, round strokes.
The Roman and accompanying Italic’s weight and serif design make it more suited for text, but it’s also put to use best in informal settings.

I also really loved the diversity and playfulness of Charma by Heidi Rand Sørensen... Charma is based on Heidi’s experimental calligraphy that often has curly and flowy characteristics. Heidi created a method to look at the text pattern before making decisions about individual letters details. Right now it the family consists of 3 members and more styles are under construction. Charma was the winner of the TypeMedia Department Award 2015

I was excited (and intrigued!) by the unusual pairing of Elma & Frederick by Philipp Beatrix Neumeyer. Elma is a text face optimised for reading at 9–11pt. Elma has a robust construction with chunky-esque serifs, subtle rough and slightly quirky details but resonates in a yet serious appearance that combines traditional elements with modern functionality. Elma comprises five weights in ten styles. Has a rather narrow design and short descenders are made in favour of an efficient layout. Elma is accompanied by the beau Frederick, a display family that is deeply rooted in the design of Elma. The display styles are defined by hairlines and a more narrow construction, with a tight spacing optimised for big sizes.

TypeMedia is an intensive one year master program held at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in The Netherlands, that gives participants the possibility of delving deeper in the field of type design. At TypeMedia, students work intensively in small groups under the guidance of expert and enthusiastic teachers from the permanent and visiting faculty. Courses include calligraphy exercises, stone carving, non-latin scripts, the creation of typeface revivals, Python programming, the usage of state of the art font editing software as well as sketching techniques all leading up to the creation of new letters. The original typeface families exhibited on this website are the result of the final four months of the course. For more information, please visit the TypeMedia website.

Cristian Vargas's face Salvaje.

Elma & Frederick by Philipp Beatrix Neumeyer