On first inspection of TDFs latest release pivot's modular forms I saw bicycle chains and thought Pivot designer @madebykaran Derived these elegant forms from cycling culture! After reading about this awesome new #font I now totally see the reference to digital display technology and think it's such a beautiful resolution!

Delivered in two styles (Regular and Deco) Pivot was originally inspired by digits on digital watches, primarily how the character forms are rigid and strictly defined by the constraints of the LCD technology. Using this concept as a structure for Pivot, strict rules are imposed on how the glyphs are formed using essentially only circular forms and cuts.

Available in two styles (regular and Deco). The face carries a lot more functional glyphs than you might expect of a display face. with ligatures, latin accents and over 630 glyphs per style.

Drawing further inspiration from the glowing LCD Modular technology, TDF have created a fabulous piece of merchandise to launch the face. In a nod to the original digital wrist watch source of Pivot forms;  and further referencing the new TDF logo which is built on the idea of a world clock; (because TDF is a global foundry with designers working 24 hours a day).

The pivot tote reads as white in the AM and then glows as PM after the lights go out! How cool is that!?

The tote is 120gsm 100% cotton with a hand screen printed AM/PM print in white with a glow in the dark coating. Long handled. Limited edition of 30 bags. International postage is available and you can Purchase the limited edition glow in the dark Pivot tote bag here.

Pivot avaliable now at TDF