My crush on Type Camp founder Dr Shelley Gruendler got significantly larger today. After reading the latest Alphabettes interview by Liron Lavi Turkenich. Shelley is a wonderful, generous, supportive and talented lady, with a great sense of humor.

In this insightful and inspiring read Shelley shares her love for teaching and recognises her strengths as a facilitator for others discovery and advancement. She discusses her fascination for the mechanics of language


I am a typographer that thinks in words and lines of text, not in letterforms. I learned typography as a book designer and that, coupled with my voracious reading since a young child (what else can one do when one has no siblings?), means that the idea of how people receive and process information is fascinating to me. I am extremely interested in how typography communicates a history or a culture, as with ephemera, so even though I am a typographer, I am not as interested in type design conversations as I am in typographic culture or historical ones.

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