I really struggle with calligraphy - it is not at all my forte! My penmanship has improved since getting a little one on one time with friend and super talented calligrapher Sabine Pick... but I stillhave a long way to go before my ability catches up to my taste!


Veronica Grow (founder of OSNS) recently published this compelling read on why all designers should learn calligraphy. And I believe understanding calligraphic forms and stroke sequence is really vital to improving my understanding of the mechanics of type so I am going to dedicate a little more time to deliberate practice with the pen.

Today I discovered* a great article where New York City based calligrapher, Chavelli shares insight into The Top 6 Mistakes Beginners Make With Calligraphy  and it has given me lots of tips and tricks to improve upon next time I start exploring with the pen.

*via the Type Camp twitter feed

Image above by Camille Nathania (this image taken while I was making a mess practicing with dipping ink at a recent type by hand workshop.