It has been quite a long time since I offered any of my letterpress prints for sale. My time in the #printpavilion is dedicated to my own learning, making small run books and conducting letterpress experiments that explore the mechanics of typography, print and paper (it is kind of self indulgent time!). But often when I post images of the experimentation on instagram people express interest in the outcomes so I have decided to list some of the test prints for sale (an experiment in itself!).

These prints are small runs (usually 5-20 prints) hand inked - so each print is different. They were not intended as Art prints and the price reflects that.

Shown Above is my A-hole experiment with oil soy and water based inks from last saturday. This series of test prints was very much an exercise in play! I drew 3 different double decker lowercase a's onto offcuts of foam insulation.  Each a was then cut with a scalpel and inked with different types of ink (soy, water and oil based) and then overprinted to see how the ink would repel or layer. The composition of each a print is slightly different as I was playing with aligning the negative spaces in the a (celebrating the A-holes!).

These prints are hand, cut, inked and pulled - each print is different. (because this was an ink test some prints are much lighter than others). Also because they were printed with recycled foam as opposed to wood or a harder medium the edges because worn and damaged with each impression. This created an almost soft focus halo effect to positive shapes.

The experiments (along with a couple of studies in woodtype punctuation as grids and fields) are now listed in the shop. They are there for a limited time just as a test to gauge interest. I would love to hear your thoughts on the prints and if these experiments are something you would like to see more of.