It is no secret I am a big fan of the super slick curves of Matt Vergotis hand lettering. I featured Matt in volume 02 of TypographJournal and I regularly refer my nico!eap clients to Matt as I know that he will always take a great job of them.

Script, flourish and cursive styles are definitely not my typographic forte. Its actually a genre of type I really struggle with drawing/designing and an area I know I need to improve upon. I have had the pleasure of doing a hands on workshop with Matt to see first hand how he crafts those super sleek letterforms. So I know he is an awesome teacher which is why I was really excited to hear Matt had launched his first online learning class with skillsshare.

I have not used the skillsshare platform before so I was a total novice when I signed up to participate in Matt's course. I blocked out a few hours on a sunday afternoon and dove straight in.

Matt takes you through 15 (well 14 + one special class for lefties!) video steps through his process of creating a brush pen signature style logo. Matt recommends starting with your name since its a word we write so frequently. I decided to tackle the project with writing nicole in a casual style script (I was listening to some late 80's and early 90's hip hop on this particular sunday so was definitely influenced by this in the visual language I was playing with!)

As Matt shows you his preferred tools (and how to use them) he also teaches you a few helpful practicing/warm up techniques to get you familiar with using a brushpen and building the muscle memory (and pen control) needed to get those slick transitions and brushed curves. I found this really useful and need to make more time to deliberately practice this repetition to build control.

The class then explores ligatures, motifs and composition using analogue mediums before scanning and vectoring the outcome in illustrator. The course is unsurprisingly fantastic. And if you sign up for skillsshare premium before the 31st of August you get the first 3 months for 99 cents. So I highly recommend taking some time out to brush up on your brush pen skills with matt soon!