I can be a bit of a luddite at times - some of the advancements in contemporary technology move so rapidly I struggle to keep up. Social media was one of the technologies that I felt quite remote from (I took a lot of coaxing to sign up to instagram which was the perfect gateway drug to twitter and pinterest!) I love all three of those channels now - instagram particularly is a beautiful conceived platform for discovering and connecting with other creatives. I highly value a lot of the connections I have made through these social channels - including my insta-friendship with (and admiration of!) Elizabeth Fraser @Frauhaus1

Elizabeth is a maker that honors the process, (evident in her calligraphy, collage and printmaking works).

May 2015 saw the 150th anniversary of the birth of American Type designer Frederic W. Goudy. In the tradition of those who have been influenced by and admire the work of Fred and Bertha Goudy, Twenty six contributors were invited to rise to the challenge to produce a celebratory portfolio of creative typographic works. Elizabeth documents the process for her contribution via her Behance feed

The final composition includes handset type-as-pixels to shapeset a heart. Which sits above body text set in Goudy 12, 14 and 24pt text and a character sort is affixed like a physical anchor at the bottom of the print. The outcome is fantastic but what I enjoy most about the project is the journey Elizabeth takes us on through the production.

"I wanted my piece to reflect the high regard and esteem in which Frederic. W. Goudy is held while at the same time playing with type in an unorthodox way. Attempting to set a heart in Goudy Text seemed a fun way to comment on the quote attributed to Goudy...

'Anyone who would letterspace type would steal sheep.
Anyone who would letterspace blackletter would shag sheep'

...not sure what he would make of my blackletter heart!"

Working with quite limited quantities of letters forced me to redraft the main body text several times. I also worked a change of point size into the fully justified paragraph. The switch occuring at the point the content changes from speaking of the Goudy Text typeface to celebrating the long and varied career of its creator."

Check out Elizabeth's full post here