It is fair to say I have a bit of a professional crush on artist, designer, typographer, and educator David Wolske. David’s methodology celebrates curiosity, improvisation, experimentation and playfulness. His typography work combines an affinity for traditional media (letterpress, metal and wood type) with contemporary design thinking and a desire to elevate print from commercial technology
to artform...

I was so excited when David agreed to be featured in Volume 03 of TypographJournal as I truly believe David is one of the most important printmakers and typographers of our time! Those of you lucky enough to be in the states should check out his latest solo show at Hamilton Woodtype which is on display from September 5 through October 28.

David’s work explores the potential of letterpress printing as a medium for creative, non-commercial printmaking. The prints—and the collages, which derive from proofs and makereadies—in this exhibition utilize only the letters W-O-R-D. He developed a masking technique, isotype printing, and uses that process to take the letters apart and reassembled the particles into a visceral lexicon.

"I attempt to create abstract compositions that honor the history of wood type while striving to evolve and extend its visual vocabulary. Often over the past decade, this has been achieved through a process of addition, printing layer upon layer until the rectilinear nature of the process is concealed."


You can see more of David's work on his website or pick up a copy of TypographJournal vol03 to check out his profile and interview...

David Wolske Homograph No2