The gang of enthusiastic type junkies behind TypeEd are kicking off the new year with a 26 letter challenge and they are inviting you to get involved.

"The goal of the challenge is simple: as designers, we are always looking for new typefaces. So we want to introduce you to new and interesting ones by exposing you to 26 different shoulders, strokes, counters, ears and more. You’ll see 26 diverse fonts in 26 days. It’ll be like typeface speed dating. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover your true letterform love?
We’ll be on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook this month, posting one letter each day, in chronological order. On Wednesday we will feature the letter A, Thursday will be B, and so on, until the end of the month where we end at Z on January 31st.
Join us and post your photos of your 26 favorite fonts, one letter at a time, just tag it #26letterchallenge and let us know what font you’re looking at. We’d love to see what fonts tickle your fancy."