Local legend Wayne Thompson (of the Australian Type Foundry), has run successful type by hand and type digitization workshops right around Australia and New Zealand for a number of years. I was thrilled to see he is expanding this offer into a new 8 week professional level course. One of the first of its kind down under!

He will show you the primary techniques and tools required to make a font that you can type on your own keyboard. The course will start with drawing letters, learning about the principles of proportion and legibility along the way. You will move on to digitizing your letters using Adobe Illustrator, and then to constructing a working typeface using font-editing software. Participants will graduate with a deep understanding of type behavior, aesthetics and legibility, and the ability to create commercial-quality fonts of their own. The course incorporates production time allowing your tutor to give personal supervision and guidance.

Beginners and experienced participants are welcome. This course is suitable for professional designers and design students who want gain a deeper understanding of typography, how fonts work, and how to make them... I draw a lot of alphabets and custom letterforms. Sometimes these are for client use in projects - but most often they are a form of visual research so I can continue my learning and deepen my understanding about type - I don't expand the limited character sets into typefaces and I definitely don'thave the talent, confidence or patience to develop fonts. I think this course sounds fantastic. (I would love to participate myself if it were closer to home). Wayne is a generous teacher (and lovely dude) I know I could learn a lot from him and am confident you could too.

Check out the details here. (it is incredibly well priced for this depth of course and for access to such a high caliber tutor)!