Relato serif is a typeface designed specifically for medium length texts. Emtype foundry's Eduardo Manso explains this brief released them "from the burden of traditional text types".

Relato Serif has a low contrast and a muscular structure that makes it useful for setting long text. In display sizes it has a variety of details that lends it a unique and personal expression. Its formal principles, the variety of terminal strokes and the combination of curves and semi-straight lines gives Relato a more human flavour.  

The inspiration comes from different traditional calligraphic styles. The upper case letter, is based on roman capitals from the Rennaissance, The serif's inspired by the mathematical investigations of letterfrom proportion by Albrecht Dürer and the lower case relates to humanist handwriting. Yet Relato is a decidedly contemporary serif typeface...

In this excellent article Manso describes the inpiration, shape grammar and process for developing the elegant face.