An exciting new book, Ghostletters Vienna, will be released tomorrow - it curates some wonderful discoveries from a city with a rich history of sign painting. Ghostletters are fleeting witnesses, existing under the constant threat being dismantled or painted over. They leave their traces all over the city –– on storefronts and above shop entrances where lettering has been removed. Many have remained a visible part of the cityscape for years, if not decades.

The cover profiles a 1963 wall advertisement which was unveiled temporarily during the demolition of an adjacent building. The publication's editor (and designer) Tom Koch says this typographic treasure was only discovered three days before the book went to print!


The high-quality photography throughout is by Daniel Gerersdorfer and Stephan Doleschal. whether you're interested in history, art, architecture, urban design, signpainting or (of course!) typography - you will find loads of visual interest and inspiration in these 160 carefully curated pages.

Published by Falter Verlag Ghostletters Vienna stands as a visual monument to these glimpses of a bygone urban microcosm. This poignant book records proud letters that once made up an essential part of Vienna’s visual identity.

Ghostletters Vienna provides insights into the tradition of Viennese sign painting, recounts tales of what lies behind the facades, and suggests ways of tending to this entirely unique and special inheritance of the city.

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