Some of you maybe familiar with FF Sanuk - designed in 2006 this original sans serif family has 14 weights, ranging from Hairline to Fat (including italics). "FF Sanuk’s roman letterforms are clean and crisply drawn, but their stylish detailing showcases Dupré’s artistic sensibilities. Nearly upright italics convey a contemporary air while maintaining a high degree of legibility." Full of personality and calligraphic charm, the versatile face is often used in editorial, branding, packaging and advertising.

All typefaces have optimum reproduction sizes. When used above or below this ideal scale occasionally the proportions and spacing need to be adjusted manually to ensure the face is still looking at its best for the reader/viewer. In the days of physical type, it was common for the punchcutter to make quite drastic changes to the form of larger pt sizes. But with scalable digital font formats, it is less common (but still very useful) for contemporary typefaces to accommodate size-specific adjustments to the design.

10 years after Sanuk was conceived Xavier Dupré wanted to extend the family to include a new design specifically for display sizes. And this week Fontshop announced the latest addition to the family FF Sanuk Big.

The new release "is not a minor tightening of side bearings, but a full reworking of FF Sanuk for maximum punch when set big. Both when delivering a single headline and when stacked solid, the family makes careful use of its space with an enormous x-height, and short ascenders and descenders. Complete with stylistic alternate forms and four figure sets, the font family comes in eight weights with matching italics, ranging from Hairline to Ultra."

I adore the ultra italic, it is a vivacious head turner - exactly what you want from a display face. As an intro offer Fontshop are offering the complete FF Sanuk Big Family for only AU$98.85 (regular price AU$659) until October 17, 2016. Yes a massive saving to go with a big font! As an added bonus the first ten people who order the FF Sanuk Big collection will receive a free copy of Xavier’s new book, Xavier Dupré, typographical itinerary.