After months of hard work and collaboration with some of the type industry’s leading foundries, Adobe launched Typekit Marketplace — a new way to find and buy type.

Typekit Marketplace connects the millions of designers with adobe subscription to independent type founderies to purchase high quality faces with simple licensing structures that can easily sync to your desktop or website using Typekit technology. It is an exciting development for both the users and makers of type.


Adobe has been an integral part of the digital type industry for nearly thirty years. Producing more than 100 original typefaces, with the Marketplace launch, as well as the curated independent type designers represented many Adobe Originals are available on Typekit for the first time.

You can read the adobes announcement here... Or it is all explained in these great videos featuring; Tobias Frere Jones, Cyrus Highsmith, Vicotria Rushton, Tom Foley and Bruno Maag who are distributing via the marketplace.

Cyrus Highsmith and Victoria Rushton get into detail about their drawing practices, tracing the direct line between trying things out visually and then developing a practice for typeface design.
Tobias Frere-Jones shares the earliest influences that inspired his career in type design, and explains the unique challenges he was working to resolve - and questions he was trying to answer - with the design of Mallory and Retina. Typefaces from Frere-Jones Type are available on Typekit:
Bruno Maag and Tom Foley reflect on their philosophy towards type design, framing it not as art but as craft. What do they mean by that? What is the purpose of typography? Hear what they say and learn more about Dalton Maag in this short video highlighting the brand identity work the foundry has produced over its years in operation.

"Typekit Marketplace augments the existing selection of premium fonts in the Typekit Library with thousands more, from over 20 foundry partners. Each is available for purchase at an additional one-time cost, set by the foundry, through an easy and intuitive interface that we’ve taken enormous pains to get right. Once purchased, fonts from Typekit Marketplace are added to your personal library on Typekit, and can be used in all the same places — whether that’s on a website or synced to your applications through Creative Cloud."

Licensing type is tricky. Some EULA's you need a legal background to decipher, and the agreements and terms vary face to face, foundry to foundry so it is challenging to navigate. Typekit Marketplace simplifies this process; all the fonts are offered under a single, license agreement "that covers the rights and uses that our users expect... while supporting and protecting the work of the type designers who created the fonts in the first place. When you buy a font from Typekit Marketplace, you can rest easy knowing that it will be safe to use in your work."