In volume 04 of TYPOgraphJournal we meet Novo Typo's Mark van Wageningen, who practises design at the intersection of analogue and digital technologies. The independent (typo)graphic designstudio and foundry, based in Amsterdam was hugely successful with thier (digitally designed) Bixa font, which was produced in woodtype and overprinted in letterpress before being developed into the first chromatic font for the web.

Mark's latest innovation in design is just as exciting as Bixa and equally spans old and new technology. Ziza could change how type designers think about form and colour!  Another polychomatic design, this time modular and interlocking. Ziza relies on the depth of layered colour to build its robust forms. Mark has cast Ziza in hot metal creating a moveable type system for letterpress and also exploits the chromatic opentype technology for digital outputs.


In the preface to a soon to be released 'Novo Typo Color Book' (which acts as a type specimen celebrating Ziza's complexity), Gerad Unger points out Hollywood movies are no longer produced in black and white film and urges type designers to free themselves from thinking in these restrictive monochromatic terms.

The preface offers an inspiring overview of the use of color within typography.

Typographers have more advanced technology at our disposal than ever before, Unger deems this a 'Golden Age of Design' with software making design practice simple and accessible. So he encourages to experiment and embrace possibilities, to advance our thinking (rather than just produce more of the same). This is critical (and colourful!) time we are designing in, our work could reflect that vibrancy.


The Novo Typo Color Book is being produced as a limited edition of 750 copies. (Official release will be in January 2017. However, you can pre-order now via 3 x pms offset + 2 pms letterpress, 104 pages, hardcover, size 16,5 x 24 cm. 35 euro (without shipping). Published by the Buitenkant. ISBN 9789490913656.

You can follow 'the making of' the document through Novo Typo's social media accounts (instagram, twitter, facebook @NovoTypo) hashtag is #NovoTypoColorBook