There is no question Gold coast based creative Matt Vergotis has insanely good lettering and calligraphy skills. His precise penmanship is admired around the globe and he has built a reputation (and successful business!) designing beautiful brand marks, slick scripts and lovely lettering. Over the years Matt has developed many Typefaces both for clients and self initiated. 

He began to dabble with font development (as a passion-project in his spare time) to help gain insight into the construction of letterforms in 2014 (I posted this article in july of that year about Matt's debut typeface Knubi)... This week Matt followed up on with the release the Dissimo Font Family.

“Dissimo font was built to resemble the columns one would expect gracing the entrance of a GRAND Museum” – Matt Vergotis

Dissimo’s story begins with a commission to design a logo for a fashion label (Museology – meaning: the study of museums). For this reason the typeface was crafted to resemble a modern stylistic version of ancient Greek Doric style columns. This is what makes up the DNA so Dissimo has been created to be solid and very sturdy in structure. The architecture behind the construct was born through the use of geometry and refined by the eye.

Dissimo is a family of '8 sexy slab serifs' (consisting of: Bold, Medium, Regular, Light and four Italic versions: Bold Italic, Medium Italic, Regular Italic and Light Italic)... and I think the medium italic looks joyous enough to dance right off the page. Its such a beautiful typeface!

The bolder weights have been designed to work extremely well as logotypes or display fonts. Coupled with the rest of the family the lighter weights and italic versions are also designed to complement each other in editorial layouts or for corporate literature where headlines, sub headlines, body copy, captions and quotes are required. So for this reason Dissimo is a great font family that can serve a company’s corporate identity style guide.

Chatting to Matt via email he excitedly told me of his plans for a san serif family next - he is looking forward to applying the lessons he learned creating Dissimo to more typefaces soon and really look forward to seeing what he comes up with!

You can find out more about Matt and Dissimo here or in volume 02 of TypographJournal where he is featured. I encourage you to support Matt and DOWNLOAD Dissimo HERE (one of the weights is FREE for personal use or the entire family of 8 is available for only $150).