Since starting in 2013, Typism has built an amazing network of contributors who have spoken at conferences, taught masterclasses and contributed their awesome work to be showcased in the Typism books. They are all ready and willing to share their lettering advice and business expertise with you.

The new community website is under construction and founder Dominique Falla is inviting early adopting members the opportunity to get involved grow with the community. Eventually, when the site is fully built and launched, membership will be priced at several hundred dollars per year in order to pay all the contributors and keep delivering premium content. But as a special offer to founding member's of the Typism Community, you can access two years membership for just $104.

Membership will get you -

  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced lettering skills
  • Vectoring and computer skills
  • General skill development
  • Printable resources, videos and step-by-step classes
  • Case studies on logos, rebranding and client projects
  • Mentoring and feedback
  • Freelance and business tips
  • How to charge for your work
  • Exclusive interviews with successful typographers and designers
  • Global meetups and workshops
  • Discounts on books and conferences
    and more...

That is unlimited access to all the content for the next two years for just $1 a week. All founding memberships are valid for two years from launch (mid-2016).

Claim your spot now and have unlimited access until July 2018.