The latest release from Pedro Arilla's new foundry Tipotecture Mestre's forms are both rational and humanist. Mestre is a German & Dutch inspired geometric sans-serif. Its solid and formal shapes are embedded with a discreet humanist flair resulting on a very versatile contemporary hybrid shape grammar.

The friendly, measured and highly legible typeface is the product of an inventive union of genres. It is easy to read and easy on the eye - both authoritative and approachable. The robust forms and large x-height result in a highly functional and flexible font for typesetting in editorial and corporate requirements (both in print and digital environments).

"With 8 weights and corresponding true italics, more than 900 glyphs per font, extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages and various OpenType features (small caps, case-sensitive forms, lining, tabular & old-style figures, scientific superior/inferior figures, fractions, a set of arrows, etcetera) it is meant to build visual hierarchies of any detail and complexity in editorial design or deliver the best performance for branding purposes. Mestre is a great choice for modern, contemporary and professional typography."

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Single weight: $24.99
Full family: $134.99
Introductory offer for full family (75% off until Jun 12): $33,75

Tipotecture was founded in 2016 by Pedro Arilla they are: an independent digital foundry based in Spain where they love designing & developing bespoke fonts, selling their retail fonts and doing typographic consultancy work.

The word 'tipotecture' —tipografía+architecture— is the keystone to understand their philosophy about 'building' or designing letters. Is a term they have borrowed from the Dutch typographer Piet Zwart (1885—1977) who named himself 'typotekt' and, in the same way that he built pages with types, they want to construct ideas, emotions and links around a typeface. Yep, they love building letters