“Design” is often used as an adjective to describe the aesthetics of objects and forms. That is a well-designed document.
“Design” is also frequently used as a noun when referring to certain commodities, objects or forms. I like that design.  

“Design” is even used as a pronoun to refer to the industry as a whole. Focusing too much on an end result, or how something looks, limits our understanding of design.  

I am most interested in “design” as a verb: to design. What are the processes, activities, rituals, methodologies, strategies & thought patterns that emerge when we design?

As designers, it is the approach (or action we take) that defines the value and meaning of our service. “Design thinking” often guides us on ambiguous journeys, as we make efforts to identify opportunities, develop ideas, and implement solutions. We tend to move through three distinct phases: see, shape, and build.

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