Underware are a foundry at the pinnacle of typeface programming. Consistently pushing the boundaries of what open type and other digital font technology can do - to contribute new knowledge, tools and innovate with type design and use. Their latest release Liza Lettering is no exception!

Underware write ' Lately we were wondering about the fact that despite the concept of a typewriter dates back at least to 1714, not much changed in the meantime. Why is that? Why do we accept digital type to be as primitive as it is? Why don’t we just make a lettering ourselves, instead of pressing keys? As soon as we do not accept things to be as they are, everything becomes possible.'

The combined application & font, make creating skillful and diverse lettering easy using prefabricated letterforms - this is a type system that gives the freedom of adding flourishes and personalisation usually reserved for letterforms generated by hand... 'Type a word or headline, and fully control the millions of possible forms it can have.'

The outcomes can be used in all the adobe programs but also applications like Keynote, Word, TextEdit, which have traditionally not been very easy to access open type features and alternate glyph selections. The app also provides the HTML markup to use Liza Lettering™ as a webfont, without breaking the semantics of your text.

Liza Lettering™ is made by Underware because playing with letters should not have limitations.  Check it yourself here (also with 30% off as an introductory offer until the 15th of May)