The Imperfection Booklets by O.OO explain the nuances of Risograph printing in a format that embraces all of the imperfections and difficulties that are associated with the process.

“For the last two years we have been witness to so many different situations and stories with our customers, that we have come to see our studio as a theatre of sorts – as the stage for printing narratives to unfold,” say the designers who have created two documents, the first explores the Risograph process in a series of diagrams and simple graphics to show what results are possible when printing using the technique and the second acts as a specimen book to demonstrate the use of different inks and paperstocks to provide an overview of what outcomes can be expected using chosen media.

“Risograph is a popular printing technique; however, it is still a very unique and rare printing technique in Taiwan and there aren’t many resources for learning about Risograph here in comparison to other countries,” says Pip Lu, co-founder of O.OO. “We filed all the cases from the past two years including client work and our own projects. We tried to analyse the causes of mistakes.  We also reviewed all the inquiries from customers and used them to compile the key information in each booklet. We then carefully designed for every part of this book including the papers, colors, font we used and the binding.”

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