The above image is a gadzook - a term I had never heard until I saw Benedict Richards tweet the below beautifully illustrated (and really useful!) diagram he and Carolina Scarpetta collaborated on at Graphicacy.

I love geeking out on the vernacular of type and so when I discovered that the geometry of a ligature that is comprised of neither of the original host glyphs has its own term I was thrilled! "A gadzook is the connecting piece that attaches two characters together in a ligature. It’s not originally part of either letter – it only exists in a ligature."

I have been incorrectly calling the embellishment that connects the forms the ligature - when in actual fact the ligature is the whole and the gadzook is the connector!

FYI - this ligature is also a Quaint - A glyph, which seeks to emulate the typographic flavour of a bygone age. A quaint has an embellishment (in this case the gadzook) that is more for aesthetic/style purposes than it is functional.

It's awesome to have people in our community creating and sharing these resouces that help further our collective understanding of all things type!

Well done Benedict and Carolina on a fantastic piece of work and thanks so much for helping to extend my type vocabulary!