Affogato began as a self-initiated project, Eric Lobdell (a UX designer and aspiring creative director by day) writes "I started 2015 by drawing letters in a notebook. I had no idea why I was doing it, or where I was going with it. I just needed to make things. "

The typeface was originally designed on paper, and vectored in illustrator before being digitised and developed in Glyphs app into a family of light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black... this self-published typeface is available on a pay what you want system, for download via a microsite Eric built specifically to distribute this side project.

I purchased this typeface last month and have really enjoyed playing with it. (I LOVE the light weight!)

?+!=interrobang which is a cute feature and there are over 1,440 characters in the face = making it a really functional choice for typesetting.

Pay-what-you-want means you can download for free... but I strongly encourage you to purchase the face - by paying something (however small) you support Eric in his typographic adventures and acknowledge the hard work that has gone into the development and distribution of this excellent debut typeface.  

Affogato is a friendly sans-serif typeface that's unusually expressive, with an especially high x-height and long descender. Inspired by geometric humanist typefaces, Affogato was originally intended to be a Gotham-Neutraface hybrid. The most characteristic glyphs: 'Q' and 'g' are the easiest to identify, but P, R, B, D and A are also unique to the Affogato family with their slanted apex. Affogato works well for logos, display types, and not-so-serious body copy.

Read more about Eric, and Affogato here