Energetic, Experimental and Arty.
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James Marsh has an illustrious clientele having produced artwork for Warhol & The Beatles, talk talk, Jamiroquai, Time Magazine and Salman Rushdie.

James acquired an enduring affinity with typography early in his career; designing fonts has been a dormant ambition from the ’60’s.  

ArtyType is the culmination of those ambitions - a mechanism to publish and distribute James Marsh’s distinctive, energetic type as retail ready fonts.

As the name suggests the ArtyType library features a diverse range of artistic display fonts for print and screen use. These attention-grabbing creative characters are versatile too with extended language support and OpenType features.

ArtyType fonts are available in desktop and web formats for immediate download... and James newly launched website enables you to test drive or download a PDF specimen before buying.

Browse the complete ArtyType collection here