is a new and useful resource for designers, curating over 30,000 free and paid fonts in one place. You can narrow your search by genre, price, weight as with most sites but one of the super helpful features is filtering search results by license - click "commercial free" and you will get fonts that available for client work/business use.

More than a type distribution platform - one of the more intelligent functions of the site is the font recognition resource. Upload an image (simple as drag and drop - then selecting letterforms with a photoshop like magic wand tool) and Smartfonts will find similar fonts from their catalogue. 

I played with this feature a bit and must admit the net is cast pretty wide (with 50 recommendations!)! The thumbnail 'g' above was one of my search results while looking for didone displays. SF Kingston Pro is a (free) contemporary Serif Didone typeface comprising of 6 weights. designed by Anthony James. I really loved the distinctive notches.

I found that with didone's and other contemporary serifs some of the recommendations were quite similar and a good alternate suggestion - but others were quite left field. Despite some of the more random results, I think it's a great resource for people looking to identify a genre or aesthetic of type they have seen. It's really simple - find and download the font that you need, all in one place. The font recognition is not limited to Latin but also in Arabic and Cyrillic (setting this apart from other tools).

One of the other features I liked is the blog which spotlights the stories and people behind their font catalogue - Like this recent article which profiles iconic brand 'Lush' and their free font designed by Carolina Mejia Villegas

As you'd expect with such a large and diverse catalogue the quality of some faces varies - but there are a lot of beautiful and functional typefaces on offer at for free or very reasonably priced. Check it out for yourself.