“If you walk around the city of Trieste, you’ll notice it’s full of contrasts,” Astrid tells It’s Nice That. “The architecture is Austrian, you walk around and actually feel as if you’re in Vienna rather than Italy. There is also Roman architecture, sometimes in the same square. You’re also only ten minutes from Slovenia, so near that during the war you could actually hear the bombs, it’s that close.” This composition of not only buildings but actual countries, has built a city that the designer describes as schizophrenic. Therefore, this was to be the key representation of her typeface, FS Sally Triestina. Astrid settled on the idea to showcase the split personality of the city, and the multi-faceted nature of her personality.

The result is a typeface of tiers, illustrating the multi-faceted elements of the city in a graceful split. “The merging of the typefaces together portray the aesthetics of movement, of frontiers, of the old and new, a split personality that is slightly jarred and a merged beauty results from that. Melting pots of different cultures, and ways of thinking, ways of seeing, coming together.” Learn more about Astrid's process, FS triste and the Local Characters design initiative here.