Each year the Royal Academy of Art's TypeMedia program produces some of the most astounding new type (and type designers) in industry. It is always a treat to see what the exacting quality and craftsmanship this program produces and the 2016 graduates did not dissapoint.

The TypeMedia course is a full time masters program. In the first semester students focus on craft, learning calligraphy, stone carving, sketching techniques, the process of reviving a typeface, python scripting, and font editing software. In the final semester students put all the knowledge and practical skills to use in the creation of an original typeface. View the 2016 graduates typefaces here.

All of the typefaces are hugely succesful in their own right - but I am particularly enamoured with the bold weigths of Bart Vollebregt's vonk, the beautiful stencil forms in Bogidar Mascareñas Lanka, the outstanding rhytym and sharp gestures in Franziska Weitgruber's Kaligari, and the playful shifting weight and clever use of negative space in Daria Petrova's Ritual

The 2016 graduates website is also a well considered and fun piece of design - with engaging animations through out and bright and bold specimens on display (be prepared to fall down the rabbit hole with this site - there is lots of great eye-candy to discover!)