Those of you who saw my women's march sign via will not be surprised that when I was invited to create a politically themed poster (and beer labels) for the 2017 pissed modernism event, I jumped at the chance to create some art work about the liar and liability that is Donald J. Trump.

I am repulsed and bewildered by his policies (and stance), so I took the opportunity to call for the Red, White and Blue to impeach.

Here is a sneak peek at my submissions (and some of the proofing/printing process)...


Those of you in the UK - I HIGHLY - recommend getting along to the opening night - With the shock of Brexit and that total muppet in the white house it has been a huge year in politics so Pissed Modernism has gone SUPERSIZE!

There will be TWO galleries at The Patriothall Gallery with a host of artists, illustrators, designers and all round superstars bringing you their take on the political landscape and anything else that pisses them off. Expect murals, paintings, letterpress, screen prints, live projections, interactive stuff and even a Haunted House!

The opening night will have a charity craft beer label show, where YOU get involved and get your art on a bottle of beer from Scotland's Finest craft breweries! These one-off bottles are then sold for £10 each and all the cash is donated to our nominated charity, who this year is good folks at Remade in Edinburgh.

You can buy prints, tshirts and other goodies at out Art Mart! Play political table football... the list is endless! Entry is FREE as always, but tickets are required. Go onto the Eventbrite page to book them now!

For more info on other things and events, visit: