Each month the newsletter list sees a lot of growth, and the website gets more and more traffic, which is both exciting and overwhelming. In February 2017 I asked for readers feedback on what you wanted to see more or less of on the site, what you enjoyed and asked where I could do better. I am very grateful for all the constructive feedback!

Starting this month, you'll see a shift toward fewer but more in-depth, (type & print) people and process focused articles, but first I wanted to take the opportunity to re-introduce myself for those of us who haven't yet met.

My name is Nicole Arnett Phillips. I love letters, layout and ink. I am a (life-long) student of design, the more I learn, the more I realise I don't know. The more I learn, the more curious I become.

I am not a writer, not a full-time blogger, not a web (or digital) designer, not a calligrapher and not a type designer. I want to get those things out of the way first to help manage expectations!

I am a typographer (in the print medium), and I specialize in book and document design.

I have worked in the industry since 1999 and since 2009 (while particularly burnt out) I have spent my weekends (and as many days through the week as my client work allows) curiously exploring typographic ideas in analogue formats. (This slow typography is a form of digital detox and an opportunity for self initiated learning).

I seek to understand the mechanics and shape grammar of glyphs and type genres through drawing and printmaking. To do this I have nine backyard letterpress machines which I use to produce Ltd edition prints and books - and also clock up plenty of mileage with a pencil visually interrogating letterforms.

My typographic artist books led me toward creating something to share with other TypoCurious people. The printed TYPOgraphJournal is a community minded vehicle for research and dialogue with our peers. The Journal required online companions TypographHer.com and TypoMusings Newsletter.

I am not a digital native - (I am very out of my comfort zone in the digital realm). I spend 4-6 hours a week working on the website and newsletter, and I do try my best with managing the site, writing and creating content, but I am still finding my feet. FYI - This website is a responsive Squarespace template - it (and the TypoMusings Newsletters) scale to your device and so I don't have the same control and finesse of typesetting I would in a static environment!

This year as well as juggling my freelance practice (Nicoleap), printmaking endeavors, TypographHer and some teaching, I have also recently started post-graduate study (a practice-led masters) which investigates the designer's influence on meaning and reader experience in book typography. I am time poor! But I am genuinely passionate about all this work and learning. I hope that my research will make me a better writer and lead to me discovering more conversations with industry, interesting TypoMusings, new ideas and content to share with you here.

It is a pleasure to e-meet you and thanks for your interest and support.