Cheese and wine = LOVE
Type and Ink = LOVE
Quiet beach and clean waves = LOVE
Salty Kumara chips and Tazaki = LOVE
Liquorice tea and a good book = LOVE

Some combinations are always a good idea, rounding out the above list of pairings I get excited about is;
Fontsmith and Counter Press = LOVE


Both amazing entities in their own right when Fontsmith's type design savvy meets the Counter press typographic design and print production skills, the result is always first class.

The FS Brabo type specimen swelled my heart, the FS Sierra specimen was outstanding, but the latest collaborative offering from these creative studios promises to be not only breathtakingly beautiful, well considered and of the highest standard but also a hugely valuable tool for our entire community.


Introducing TypeNotes, a new magazine dedicated to typography, design and all who appreciate those fields. Simultaneously dispelling the notion that typography is just for design geeks while also catering for font fanatics, TypeNotes is a new print magazine love letter to letterforms.

The inaugural issue of the publication from London-based type foundry Fontsmith is launched to celebrate the company’s love of type and the craft behind making it, as well as marking the studio’s 20th birthday this year.


David and Elizabeth of The Counter Press, specialise in thoughtful, typographically focused design. Their concept for TypeNotes was based around the idea of a ruled notebook, with subtle nuances that hint at tradition and craft but with a distinctly contemporary feel.

The Counter Press says: “Designing something primarily aimed at designers is always tough, they’re a notoriously difficult audience to please. And with so many great typefaces at our disposal, it would’ve been easy to get carried away, include too much and almost over-design it. Instead, we wanted to keep it simple and let the content and type take centre stage, while also allowing the magazine to find its own voice and distinct personality. Ultimately the aim was to create something that was enjoyable to both hold and read.”


Jason Smith, Fontsmith founder and creative director, says: “TypeNotes is a collection of ideas about type and design that we hope will be something to keep and collect – a beautiful thing to hold in your hands, something you can sit and read and take in at a slower pace. In many ways, our business can seem old fashioned in today’s digital society. My first port of call for any new project is still very much the drawing board and sketchbook rather than the computer. My ambition is to share our little world of craft – what we do and what makes us think. Hopefully, it will inspire you too.”

Delving into the minutiae of drawing type, the magazine also offers an in-depth look at type design best practice and the intricacies of drawing more unusual punctuation points – Fontsmith’s designers revel in the peculiar little pilcrow, and pine for a time when designers get to indulge in daggers and double daggers. The publication features many of Fontsmith's typefaces, explores all things type-based from a passionate and knowledgeable standpoint, drawing on the foundry’s in-house expertise as well as voices from across the creative industries worldwide.


The magazine is printed in a limited-edition run of 3,000 copies, and each issue comes with a free typographic terms poster designed by Exeter-based studio Believe In.
TypeNotes is available to buy from today in the Fontsmith Shop.

I just ordered my copy and cant wait for it to arrive down under!

Publisher: Fontsmith
Designers and Art Directors: The Counter Press
Creative Director: Jason Smith
Marketing Manager: Tamasin Handley
Acting Editor: Emily Gosling