I would never deny having biases for projects and practitioners I admire. I have shared Sabine Pick's work many times before (Including a feature in vol01 of TypographJournal) and will continue to profile her work in the future because not only does she have beautiful penmanship skills, she is an experimental printmaker, book artist (and all around first class human).

Her latest project is delightful on all levels - a beautiful ethereal artefact in an edition of 50. Beach Burial is a limited edition poetry book. The words are by Australian poet Kenneth Slessor. Sabine has rendered the poem in her fluid, gestural style, created her own plates and letterpress printed the edition on her glorious SP-15 Vandercook proof press.

Each book within the edition has something which makes it unique. The lettering style, colours and paper all act to compliment the ghostly words of this war poem.

The production adds resonance to the text. The delicate colouring and subtly of print - which are often signatures in Sabine's work - add depth to the reader experience of the book. Urging the reader to linger, focus and meditate on each word.

Signed and dated. 8 pp. 14.8cm x 21cm x 1 cm. Perfect bound with hard cover and glassine cover sheet the edition was bound by Bob E. Collins and will be on display at Grahame Galleries book fair in Brisbane.