GRANSHAN is the hub for global visual identity. Celebrating non-Latin typefaces and typography, design and communication that enable communities to develop culture and enterprises in a balance between local, regional, and global.

Typeface designers from all parts of the world are invited to take part. The Competition welcomes entries in the following scripts: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, South Asian scripts, Korean and Thai for typefaces for text use, with a special category for entries for display use. All typefaces designed or digitized after 2015 complying with the rules of the competition are eligible for entry.

The GRANSHAN Competition promotes the highest standards in typeface design quality. Under the chairmanship of Edik Ghabuzyan and Boris Kochan, the competition is judged by internationally recognized experts such as Gerry Leonidas, Dr. Fiona Ross, Chang Sik Kim, Adi Stern and others. Additionally, an extensive group of esteemed professionals assist the jury in the selection process as pre-judges.

The submission deadline for the GRANSHAN Competition 2017 will be on 1 September 2017.



GRANSHAN Conference 2017 (2nd-8th of October)

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the GRANSHAN conference returns home to Yerevan: a crossroads of cultures, and a place with a deep engagement with the written word. The theme of the conference is “Living Letters”, which chairman Boris Kochan expanded on: “Because we are inspired by the combination of a growing awareness of the complexity in regional and local cultures, and the constant change in global typography driven by new ways of authoring and reading content.”

The conference will take place at the TUMO Centre Yerevan, and the organizers stated that they can “hardly imagine a better place for GRANSHAN than this. The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is an globally unique institution. Under the guidance of internationally renowned specialists in the field of creative technologies, pupils get a competitive edge in a digital world.” We are grateful to the Simonian Foundation for hosting our presence in the TUMO Center, and our joining this unparalleled location where social development, creativity, technology and the economy come together. As an incubator and marketplace for future entrepreneurs and enterprises, and base for the subsidiaries of some global players in the digital business, the TUMO Centre is the perfect location for GRANSHAN.