The Copperplate penmanship style has a distinctive flow and character. Many years of steady and patient practice allow calligraphers to achieve the flow, direction, sequencing, and speed required from the copperplate ductus, to achieve its distinctive, elegant, fluid aesthetic.

Nautica Sottile is a monumental new script from Resistenza, which builds on the creator’s accomplished penmanship skills. The delicate strokes have high contrast and an extravagant personality.

These letterforms invoke 18th-century sailors logbooks and the nostalgic correspondence those at sea sent home to their loved ones, with letters looping and rolling into one another like the waves these intrepid adventurers voyaged on.

Nautica’s ornate feel is perfectly suited to romantic applications, and with three weights, one set of useful navigational icons and some nautical knots Nautica will allow you to create rich and cohesive graphics for those 'tying-the-knot' or in any display context which requires some sophistication.

Nautica Sottile allows you to achieve the complexity and flow of copperplate calligraphy with OpenType features. Supreme swashes inspired by brush pen stroke, and exhaustive alternates, with over 900 glyphs and extensive language support, Nautica offers full professional typographic features, for a natural ‘written’ look.