I haven't been on Instagram a lot lately, (we have had a lot going in our personal life, and my social media feeds have - for the most part - been adding to my overwhelm). But in December this post caught my eye the 2 and the 5 particularly captured my imagination, the white spaces surrounding these numerals were wrestling their way from the background, aggressively (and yet carefully) chiselling a quirkyness into the black shapes.

I was immediately excited by the forms and Dave Rowland (the talent behind Schizotype Fonts), and I  struck up a conversation about the charming typeface he was shaping.

Engria has been under development for 3 years, and has been worked and reworked tirelessly during that time to develop a type family of four weights with corresponding italics released this month.

Throughout its development Dave paid close attention to the way the white jostled against the black. His focus paid off and Engria is a triumphant and exciting balance of both positive and negative.

There are subtly flared glyphic serifs inspired by the brush. "Not the marks made by a brush, but the actual splayed shape the bristles make when clamped together. Wedge-like chunks that resemble engraved forms, as the name Engria hints at. But it also has the appearance of a stressed, flared sans."


Optimised to be highly legible at text sizes, Engria also shines at display sizes thanks to its flared stems, punchy angular counterforms, rugged ink traps and fluid curves.

I had the pleasure of testing Engria and it is a delight to play with. It gives text a distinctive quality while still being an extremely comfortable read.

Engria - Alice22.jpg

Currently on sale (with a very significant 72% discount) via fontspring, Engria is a great investment.

"Engria is equipped for typographically demanding applications, boasting as it does an array of OpenType features, including small caps, automatic fractions, stylistic sets, various figure styles, arrows, case sensitive forms and more. It will make a very useful addition to your typographic arsenal, with a flare (ahem) for editorial work, but the individuality for packaging, branding, and logo work."

Dave Rowland is a British Type Designer who has lived in Japan, the Philippines, and is currently based in Koh Samui, Thailand. In a Creative Characters interview Dave noted that Schizotype; the “foundry with a multiple personality disorder” tagline is post facto rationalization for the name, given the diversity of type genre Dave is producing it is certainly fitting! Follow Dave's work @SchizotypeFonts on Instagram and Twitter.