I am shamelessly biased about promoting Resistenza's work because I think these gents are first rate and very talented Humans, I am also very sweet on their adorable k9 son Tor.

Resistenza's Paco and Giuseppe were 2 of the 7 designers featured in a recent lettering/print project headed up by Facebook Analog Research Lab and In-House International

Giuseppe, Paco and Tor are such a handsome family right?!

Giuseppe, Paco and Tor are such a handsome family right?!


The series of posters celebrate Pride. The six individual prints by Resistenza Type (Giuseppe Salerno & Paco González), Ximena Jimenez, Lauren Dickens, Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi, Dan Polyak and Carlos Castro-Lugo, each spell out a single letter or number “P”, “R”, “I”, “D”, “E” ,“18”.

Rather than develop letters separately, the designers entered a collaboration process across borders and time zones. Over four conference calls, designers jointly decided on a conceptual approach and workshopped their posters from initial rough drafts through their final design. The process itself proved valuable to the designers.

Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González wrote:

“Brainstorming with the team helped us make our idea stronger and made us feel more confident in it. Also, there was such a good vibe where we felt that it was allowed to give feedback and advice. We hope to repeat this experience.”

The boys describe their outcome as "a homage to all the people who fought for the rights that we achieved today, especially when the path for LGBTQ+ people was not as easy as it can be nowadays. But hey queen there still a lot to do."


As for the posters themselves: letters are organized chronologically, so the set is a stroll through Generations of Pride all the way to the present day. "P" is set in the 1930s. "R" jumps to the 60s, "I" is set in the 70s, "D" is late 80's, "E" is set in the 1990s and so on.

The selection for the subject matter on each poster had to fulfill two criteria:

  • To be culturally / historically meaningful for the era.

  • That the artist creating the work feels a connection to the subject matter


I particularly love the psycadelic 60's R form by freelancce lettering designer Ximena Jimenez who writes; "I want each member to want to fight for their rights, to remember that it is difficult but in the end it’s worth it. I also believe that discrimination in the our own community only harms us and that if we fight together we will go much further. Love wins."

In addition to screenprint large format posters, the Analog Lab created Risograph versions and requested the posters be adapted to buttons for wide distribution.

This is a fantastic project to mark an important cause. You can read in-depth Interviews with each of the poster creators (and see some of the process and superseded designs)  at medium.com/PRIDE18


Huge thanks and heartfelt congratulations to Michu Benaim Steiner (of In-House International Creative) the Facebook Analog Research Lab and all the designers involved.