Since establishing his foundry 20 years ago Jeremy Tankard's typefaces have gained a reputation for their originality and quality. The Hawkland typeface is Jeremy Tankard's 25th original retail design and launches today via

Tankard's quarter-century typeface is quite the milestone. Beautifully executed with dramatically shifting weight distribution the roman is well proportioned and would make for excellent reading. Its Italic pairing is particularly gorgeous it has a terrific pace about it, having classic cues while still feeling fresh and modern.


The design of Hawkland is rooted in the style of types from the latter half of the 18th century, known as Transitional. This period and its typefaces bridge the gap between the Old Face designs, such as Caslon, and the more rigid Modern designs, such as Bodoni. Not being a revival of any specific type of the period, Hawkland freely incorporates sharper details that give the type a timeless yet contemporary feel.

While Hawkland's 12 styles are designed for text use the family is bolstered by Hawkland Fine, a display face with additional styles designed to grab attention at larger sizes. The extra contrast in Hawlkland Fine's forms push it from transitional toward the didone end of the spectrum and the two genre of typeface within this extended family sit perfectly aside one another.


Hawkland debut is marked with a limited edition printed specimen. The publication was designed by Alistair Hall at We Made This and printed using multiple techniques by Westerham. The main book introduces the typeface and its fonts. Additional tip-in examples show Hawkland in a variety of uses. There’s also an extended text titled ‘Shaping Hawkland’ which discusses the inspirations and historical roots that lead to the design of the typeface.

Further Font information is available at The full character set is available to view online at together with the ability to test many of the advanced typographic features included in the fonts. The font info PDF and demo fonts can be downloaded here as well. Youll also find the design stories behind each of Jeremy's Typefaces, together with his commissioned work, at