It is no secret I am an enthusiastic cheerleader of all Barry Spencer’s work. I truly believe his testing of types boundaries is innovative and will forge new territory in our field.

So I am thrilled Barry is working on his first solo exhibition. Which will showcase his unique, experimental and speculative approach to design and typographic practice called Type. Grid. Play. which will run from 03–28 June 2019 at LCI Melbourne.

 Detailing his creative approach through the presentation of selected typefaces, Barry will showcase key steps in this creation of letterforms that were instigated by his design of custom made grids and patterns. Each unique typeface will take you through Barry’s creative process and detail his determination to apply and adapt to forms that deviate from traditional letter shape expectations. This exhibition will be a visual and perceptual treat for those willing to explore grids, patterns and the boundaries of letterforms and typeface creation.

“For many years now I have utilised grids and patterns as a creative instigator for making letterforms, typefaces and fonts. This exhibition allows me the opportunity to present to the public many key aspects of my design process that would usually remain largely unseen.”

Barry states that by undertaking this exploration of gird and pattern based typographic design, he is able to follow creative pathways that reveal themselves only through relinquishing a certain level of control. It is through creating each grid or pattern and then exploring, adapting and experimenting within the vast variety of structures and patterns that Barry is able to find his unique typographic output. From there, Barry applies a further level of critical thought and process to each typeface to enhance or further delve into the possibilities of the letterforms he creates through their application into words, sentences and paragraphs.

“The intention of this exhibition is to show how many of the typefaces I create draw are found through rigorous play and exploration as well as an openness to form. By going through this process, we are able to design, produce and interact with type that has the ability to challenge us and our perception of letterforms and typographic practice.”

Type. Grid. Play. will run from 03–28 June, 2019 at LCI Melbourne, 150 Oxford Street, Collingwood. Opening night will be Thursday 06 June from 6–8pm.