Amsterdam-based artist and illustrator Karan Singh and New York-based graphic designer Zuzanna Rogatty, explored the bonfire night, where fireworks are lit and crowds gather to marvel. Prior to the project, Karan had been drawn to Zuzanna’s work for its forms “so full of character”, particularly within her typographic work where the designer transforms any old letterform into a fluid, bold vector of wonder. With Zuzanna an equal fan of Karan’s brightly composed patterned work, the pair set to work.

AuthorNicole Phillips

I bought a copy of Um Poema Errante / A Wandering Poem, late last year and have been keen to interview Angharad Hengyu Owen (the designer) and Christian Marques (poet) since, as it is breathtakingly beautiful and brave in it's experimentation. Its Nice that beat me to it publishing a profile on the collaboration and resulting book.

A theoretical connotation of the grotesque suggests an expressive bond of the bizarre between the written word and the typographic manifestation.

Kontrapunkt add more weight to their typographical capabilities with the addition of ÅBC Design in a new typography laboratory.