Multi's shape grammar needed to reflect warm, dynamic, optimistic, friendly and human characteristics. But the typeface needed to highly legible and credible to perform in its news setting. The resulting family is an outstanding piece of work. "Its design is pragmatic, yet not rigid, slightly tinged with tiny incised touches."


Multi has a number of special features that differentiates it from other sans-serif typefaces, because it has a kind of handmade quality that is reflected in a number of details: the slight flare and asymmetry of the stems; the tilted base; or the relevance that acquires the notch, from almost imperceptible to remarkable, when increasing weight. This gives dynamism to the words and the text.

A typeface for newspapers must be economical and extremely legible. To be “economic”, a printing typeface should allow more characters per line and more lines per paragraph, compared to other fonts used in the same conditions. Multi ratios are slightly condensed for this reason, with short ascenders and descenders. Good readability is achieved with a generous x-height and balanced contrast.