It was Beatrice Warde who first compared typefaces to the clothes that words wear. A finely tailored suit can completely change a person's appearance, and in the same way typefaces can drastically alter what words mean, how they work, and how they make us feel. But just as a torn seam or a missing button would spoil the effect of a Savile Row suit, so too can the details of a typeface put readers off. Read the latest installment of Monotypes ‘Good Type’ articles to read more.

AuthorNicole Phillips

Creating a compelling and memorable story is at the heart of both great writing and great design. It is time for us to use book typography to craft meaning in collaboration with writers... I wrote this article as an excerpt from my ongoing research on the role of contemporary book designers and their approaches to typesetting, for the ABDA

I am excited to be part of this brand new platform of type, typography and lettering run by women in our community!