This is Daves interpretation on the classic bell bottom script genre. Funkford started as a lettering commission for NYMag, and after 9 months of thinking, sketching, drawing and redrawing, Dave is ready to share it with us all - I just purchased this fab face and am excited to try it out. Buy it - Support Dave and the development of fun new future fonts!

Hansje van Halem is a graphic designer who works with type. She blurs the boundaries between type and image, between foreground and background, often creating seductive patterns that only reveal their texts only when viewed from the distance, making the reader work hard to decode their message. Her typeface Wind is a dynamic piece of design. Hansje collaborated with Thom Janssen to make a variable full circle rotation of the elements

I bought a copy of Um Poema Errante / A Wandering Poem, late last year and have been keen to interview Angharad Hengyu Owen (the designer) and Christian Marques (poet) since, as it is breathtakingly beautiful and brave in it's experimentation. Its Nice that beat me to it publishing a profile on the collaboration and resulting book.