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London: The Beatrice Warde Memorial Lecture 2015

Salvaging the Doves Press Type –  with Robert Green
Robert Green began his project to revive the Doves Press typeface in 2010. Using printed sources as reference, an initial digital version was released in 2013. Unsatisfied with its accuracy, he began to update his font in 2014. He decided that to successfully achieve a faithful facsimile, the original Doves Press type would have to be recovered from its resting place on the bed of the River Thames. After finding three metal sorts on the riverbed in October 2014, Green organised a salvage operation. Under his direction the following month, a team of divers from the Port of London Authority managed to recover 151 pieces of type. The vast majority of these — 147 sorts — had remained underwater relatively undamaged for 98 years.

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