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Brisbane: Think Outside, Communicate

We often talk about design in terms of end products, but sometimes it’s better to think about design as a process, as a way of thinking. Design thinking is becoming increasingly recognised as a powerful process for creatively exploring the challenges of the 21st century, beyond the traditional realm of designing products.

How does communication (or miscommunication) contribute to the escalation or de-escalation of conflict? As a presentation/re-presentation of values, beliefs and ideas, how does communication impact on perceptions of conflict? How might communication designers think beyond posters and slogans; what other roles can communication play in conflict?

Think Outside is an annual talk series inviting local, national and international design thinkers to contemplate a ‘wicked problem’ outside their area of expertise, offering new and unexpected solutions for discussion. This year’s theme looks at Design and Conflict.

We’re curious to explore what happens when powerful minds are challenged to think outside their comfort zone and apply their way of thinking in new contexts.

At the second event in the series we ask Jason Grant from Inkahoots (Brisbane) and Min Choi from Sulki and Min (South Korea) to explore the relationship between communication and conflict.

Speakers will have 15 minutes each to be as provocative and evocative as they wish, prompting thoughtful discussion within the theme of Design and Conflict: Communicate. This will be followed by a moderated discussion between the speakers and the audience.

Join us for networking and drinks before the talk from 5.30pm.

Venue: The Edge Auditorium, level 1, The Edge, State Library, Stanley Place, South Bank Cost: Free, bookings required (details and bookings Here)